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Trauma Informed Schools

Trauma Informed Schools

Understanding Trauma

Supporting students who suffer from trauma is critical in our schools. When you address the issue of trauma, you create an environment that is safe for everyone, and a place for everyone to learn. You develop a true supportive learning community. By becoming a trauma informed school you will have a positive impact upon student behavior, student learning, and healthy emotional growth. You can change the course of a child’s life!

Trauma in schools

Becoming trauma-informed

Becoming trauma-informed is important for all of us. Most of you:

  • likely have students who have experienced trauma, 
  • may have experienced trauma yourself,  
  • may experience trauma in the future,  
  • know someone who has experienced trauma,
  • may live a life of accumulated stress that may eventually express itself as  trauma in the body and cause ‘dis ease.’

Understanding Trauma

Trauma changes the brain. It changes how the body reacts, responds, and relates.  When trauma is not processed in a healing manner it increases a person’s risk for adverse conditions such as depression, cancer, diabetes, drinking, smoking, heart conditions while reducing education and employment potential (CDC, 11/5/2019). 

While much of my work has been related to trauma informed teaching, the topic is  relevant to parents, community members, work environments, and those in the healthcare field. By working together we can create an environment that is supportive, compassionate, and healing for all members of society.

Being trauma informed is helpful for people in all walks of life.

The CDC shows that one  in 6 adults has experienced at least 4 different types of traumatic experiences. Of the  ten top leading causes of death, five are associated with traumatic experiences. And, research shows, we could reduce depression in adults by 44% by preventing traumatic experiences. Being trauma informed and responding in supportive ways can be just  what is needed to reduce the negative effects of trauma. 

Come be part of a trauma informed community. Learn, grow, and help others in their journey to heal!

Trauma Informed Schools