Ginny Witte PhD

Ginny Witte, PhD

Trauma Informed Coaching

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Western Michigan University 
BA in Education, Science and Family Life 

Western Michigan University 
MA in Early Childhood Development 

Michigan State University 
PhD in Kinesiology and Cognitive Science

TEFL Certified

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I absolutely love to teach! I have been teaching students of all ages for over twenty-five years. I’d love to help your child too!  I seek to find that special  connection with each student to help them uncover their blocks to learning. I love to help students find their passion and develop the confidence they need to grow and learn. We make sure the necessary foundation skills are in place and off we go!

I take the best of my knowledge and experience, then combine it with your goals to help your student master their learning.  

My Background

My background experience includes nearly thirty years working with students from preschool through the university level. I have also taught seniors in a variety of settings. I have worked with a diverse group of students which includes children with special needs. I have had success with students who have ADHD, autism, Down syndrome, and students who live with trauma. I have specialized training in trauma and teach from a trauma informed platform. Teaching from a trauma informed lens helps us first to connect with students and move them to a place where they are ready to learn.  

I have a diverse academic background that helps me to teach the whole child. I am a licensed K-8 teacher in the state of Michigan. I have an early childhood endorsement and am trained in trauma informed practices. My academic expertise includes education, science, ESL,  kinesiology, cognitive science, executive functions, early childhood development, and family life. I weave what I know from each discipline into my understanding of how children learn and how to meet the needs of each student. 

Tutoring Service with Ginny

Teaching, Tutoring, or Coaching?

It depends. Each has its purpose and role. While many roles of a teacher and tutor overlap, one difference between each is that the teacher presents curriculum and guides the student through the curriculum to help the student learn about a particular subject. Teachers may guide students through more than one subject.  

A tutor will help break the learning down further, making sure the foundation skills are in place and then focusing on areas of learning or skills the student may struggle with. A tutor will spend more or less time on an area of learning, depending upon the difficulty grasping the learning. A tutor will additionally personalize, or individualize the learning beyond what can be done in a classroom setting.  

As a coach, I work with students, parents, or teachers to help them reach personal or professional learning goals. For students this might mean learning to organize information, assignments, or how to prioritize tasks. Coaching might include developing mental skill sets such as problem solving, planning, analyzing, memory, or mental flexibility. We call these executive function skills. I often coach parents in trauma informed parenting and teachers in trauma informed teaching. Understanding the impact of stress and trauma is critical in raising strong, stable children, and in being strong and stable ourselves. When we look at individuals through a lens of trauma (or stress), we see their behavior, or who they are, as a result of their experiences and genetic makeup. We are all what our experiences have shaped us to be. Knowing and understanding this on a deep level helps us be more accepting and supportive of ourselves and of others. This is probably some of the most valuable information we could learn, individually for ourselves and our children, and as individuals in a collective society. During this last year, most everyone has experienced some level of stress. For many, this has resulted in trauma. By learning about stress, trauma, and resiliency we can alleviate the long-term effects of trauma on our health and well-being. 

I find that when I am teaching or tutoring students, I often find myself coaching parents.  Parenting can be tough. Meandering the world of parenthood, work, a pandemic, and your child’s learning can be overwhelming. Coaching parents can be an effective means of supporting your child’s learning and behavior.  

Tutoring Services & Pricing

I teach online, in person, and in my home in Grand Rapids, MI. Currently, my teaching is all online. 
Sessions are 55 minutes in length and my fee ranges from $40 – $65/ session, depending upon the combination of in class and out of class time required and whether the session is teaching or coaching.  


Intensives consist of meeting with a student daily for one to two weeks to work a specific skill or subject. These are often helpful during summer break, giving your student focused time to  move forward on a specific skill. Common skill sets may be reading, writing, speaking, or math. 


Check & Venmo payment methods are available. 24 Hour cancellation notice is required.


The frequency depends upon the student,  their need for continuity in learning, availability and finances. I typically work with students 1-3 times per week.


Travel time for in-person sessions rates include: 1-8 miles: add $8 and 9-12 miles add $12. 


Excellent tutor! Patient and thorough! Tutors the whole child. She was the first to recognize that our child was struggling with vision issues.
Dawn S.


Henry enjoys learning (a lot) with Ginny. Having conversations/classes with Ginny is such a grace, as one always feels passion for life, turns you to be aware of the. moments, and be inspired by little things. I am very glad that Henry has the chance to learn with Ginny. We always want to book more classes. During each class, Henry not only gets academic knowledge but also attitudes towards life. Besides, Ginny doesn't treat Henry like a child, instead, she asks questions, waits for him to answer, gives feedback and guides him to form his own opinions or share his feelings. So the class is always rich, not only in content, but also in the interactions between teacher and student. Sometimes I can't accompany Henry with the classes, but I always love to spend some time watching the review of Ginny's classes. Seeing my son having great moments with his teacher makes me feel joyful. 🙂
Rachel Z.


Ginny has been working with my son for the past 6 months. We couldn't be happier or more thankful to have found her. Through thoughtful conversation and work, Ginny determines her students' strengths and weaknesses. She discusses all her observations and ideas with us. Her communication is prompt, concise, and thoughtful. We have never met a tutor who is so dedicated to her students. She goes above and beyond to support our son. I feel we collaborate on how best to support him academically and emotionally. Her method is based on patience, thoughtful planning, structure, and compassion. This has been such a stressful year and Ginny has been so instrumental in helping us get through it. I know that the work she is doing with my son has helped him through this academic year and will certainly help him in the future!!

Tutoring Services